About me


Jamie here. 

Where to begin… let’s go backwards… yoga teacher trained but doesn’t teach, yoga therapy student, occasionally spiritual, ever questioning, unsatisfied with life in general.

In the good old days I’d travelled a lot working dream jobs in exotic locations around the world. Then life kicked in and well…Everyone misses the good old days, right?

In my current day job I’m an IT specialist/geek buried in regional Australia. It is mind numbingly boring and it’s slowly eating my soul.

In my private life I have no idea about what I’m about and thats a problem. Just when I get a handle on it things blow up.

2016 – I’d taken a 12 month sabbatical that was supposed to be a prelude to relocating to the US with my girlfriend. Obviously thats not happening. Which sucks. So now what?

I’m still wondering ….once you start running it’s hard to stop .

This is a simple brain-dump log of what happens along the way.